Secondary School Certificate and Profile: Information for Schools and Parents/Guardians

Due to the impact the coronavirus pandemic has had on the operation of schools and other providers of educational activities, the entries in the Secondary School Certificate and Profile (SSC&P) to be awarded to current Year 11 students are to be completed by following the directions given here:

For scholastic year 2019/20 (when current Year 11 students were in Year 10:

a. Formal education:
i. Teacher assessment marks based on marks entered up till March 2020;
ii. Exam marks based on marks obtained in the half-yearly exams held in February/March 2020.
iii. With regard to State schools, if any 2019/20 assessment and/or exam marks are still not inputted, the Year 10 teachers are asked to forward these marks to the school’s clerical staff for inputting in the SSC&P Excel sheet provided by SIS for checking purposes in late May.
b. Non-formal and Informal education entries based on participation in school activities and out-of-school educational activities up till March 2020.
c. Personal qualities, Attendance and Behaviour entries based on reported personal qualities, attendance and behaviour up till March 2020.

For scholastic year 2020/21:

a. Formal education (in-person school attendance and participation in online lessons):
i. Teacher assessment marks entered as per usual practice;
ii. Exam marks based on annual/mock exams held in March/April/May 2021.
b. Formal education (vulnerable students with a medical certificate):
i. Teacher assessment marks entered as per usual practice;
ii. Exam marks for students who were not able to sit for the Year 11 annual exams will be based on an elaboration of results obtained in the Year 9 Annual exams and the Year 10 Half-yearly exams. This exercise will be carried out by EAU with the resultant marks being sent to school for inputting in MySchool.
c. Non-formal and Informal education, where held and whether in person or online, are to be inputted as per usual practice. These entries will be inputted for information purposes only as no marks will be allocated or deducted for non-formal/informal education activities held during the Covid-19 pandemic.
d. Personal qualities, Attendance and Behaviour entries to be based on in-person school attendance and/or virtual school attendance.

Students not deemed as ‘vulnerable’ and who did not sit for the Year 11 annual exams in 2021 will be marked as ‘Absent’ in the SSC&P.