Literacy Resources Virtual Hub on TEAMS

The National Literacy Agency and the Directorate for Learning and Assessment Programmes would like to bring to the attention of all educators the Literacy Resources Hub on Microsoft Teams. This virtual hub offers resources for use in the Early, Primary and Middle Years in Maltese and English which can help educators in their work. These resources are grouped according to the different aspects of literacy, namely: alphabetic code, phonics, phonological awareness, reading, vocabulary building, tricky words, and writing.

The Literacy Resources Hub contains two channels (sections). In the second channel one can also find videos and lesson plans which form part of the Storytelling Schools Programme of the National Literacy Agency. To access this hub and all the resources it holds, educators are to click on the ‘Join or create team’ button in the main menu of MS Teams and insert the code fxl6zwz in the ‘Join a team with a code’ option.