Esplora mill-Iskola: Online Sessions for Primary Schools

Esplora Interactive Science Centre is pleased to offer online sessions for Early years and Primary school students. Due to the current pandemic, unfortunately school children cannot visit the Interactive Science Centre physically this year. To overcome this situation and offer an Esplora experience to school children, Esplora is now offering various sessions adapted to be held online with schools through Microsoft Teams or Zoom.

Esplora mill-iskola sessions will be offered free of charge and upon confirmation through booking. These are offered on a first come first served basis for all schools on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Moreover, they are age-appropriate and with an approximate duration of 30 mins. Educators can refer to the information below, to be able to place a booking:

Esplora mill-iskola session for early years (K1 – K2): Beautiful Bubbles science show Big, small, cubical, light, heavy bubbles. Why can you see a rainbow in bubbles? Why do they always form spheres? Why do they always fall to the ground? Can we fill bubbles with different gases? Created for Little Explorers, this mini bubbles show will explore the science behind beautiful bubbles.

Esplora mill-iskola session for early primary (Yr 1 – Yr 3): Superhero in You science show Join us on a journey of discovery to find out all about different superpowers. Help us identify strong shapes, get up and close to things which are far away or very tiny. Learn all about how some animals are very capable at being invisible and why not try out the ultimate superpower of moving objects with your brain.  Superhero in You is a fun playful science show using scientific concepts that will dazzle and amaze our young audience as they help the communicator to discover every colourful object on their set. We look forward to meeting all your little superheroes and sharing the joy of science with them in a way they can engage with and enjoy.

Esplora mill-iskola session for late primary (Yr 4 – Yr 6): Catch Them Young workshop Do you have students that are curious and creative; who love solving problems and are fascinated with the world around them? Then join us in our quest to inspire the next generation into STEM! But what does a scientist look like and what does it take to become one? In this virtual workshop, we’ll be exploring stereotypes in STEM and the skills which STEM professionals need to carry out their amazing work.

Students who participate in these online sessions will also be entitled to a free Esplora entrance ticket, which they can redeem together with their guardians over weekends and school holidays.