Resource Packs for students who do not have Internet access at Home

Screen Shot 2020-04-06 at 10.38.20The Directorate for Leaning and Assessment Programmes (DLAP) has launched an initiative intended to support students who do not have Internet access at home. The identified students, ranging from Year 1 to Year 8, are being provided with resource packs for the four core subjects of Maths, Science, Maltese and English. The packs are being delivered to students’ homes every fortnight. The attached material was sent to Primary school students on 27 March while packs for Maltese and English are being delivered on 7 April.Click on the links below to access the materials:

Maths Years 1 – 2  

Maths Years 3 – 4

Maths Years 5 – 6

Science Years 1 – 2

Science Years 3 – 4

Science Years 5 – 6