Quarantine Leave – Information From the Office of the Prime Minister 03/2020

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People & Standards Division, Office of the Prime Minister

P&SD Circular No. 03/2020 , 13th March 2020

Further to P&SD Circulars No. 01/2020, and No. 02/2020 employees are informed of the updated list of countries and regions with sustained transmission as directed by the Superintendent of Public Health: Italy, France, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, China (including Hong Kong), South Korea, Japan, Singapore, and Iran. Further updates as given by the Health authorities may follow.

The new measures as imposed by the Health Authorities will now apply:

1. Mandatory quarantine for these new countries as of the 11th March 2020 for anyone who returned to Malta from France, Germany, Switzerland and Spain;

2. Self-Quarantine for anyone who came to Malta from the above countries in the 14 days before the 11th March;

3. Mandatory quarantine for anyone who came to Malta from Italy, China (including Hong Kong), South Korea, Japan, Singapore, and Iran in the last 14 days and for the following days;

4. Imposition of €1,000 fines for every instance of quarantine breach;

5. Non-essential travel to areas with local transmission is not being recommended.

As already advised in the two earlier circulars employees are eligible to apply for Quarantine Leave for 14 calendar days from date of last exposure in line with the above new measures. Eligibility for Quarantine leave will apply for those having travelled to the newly added countries before the 12th March. Those leaving after the 12th March will still be obliged to follow the new measures applicable by law for mandatory Quarantine on their return for 14 days but they will not benefit from Quarantine Leave unless on approved urgent travel.

In the eventuality of a positive diagnosis the Quarantine Leave will cease and sick leave will apply. Employees who travelled to the affected countries/regions, are reminded that they are to present proof of travel to the respective Director for People Management, within the respective Ministry, for the necessary verification with the Superintendent of Public Health. Management shall have the prerogative to conduct house visits to verify that employees who are on self-quarantine leave remain in their home apart from the site visits by enforcement officers as advised by the Health Authorities.