Quarantine Leave – Information From the Office of the Prime Minister 01/2020

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People & Standards Division, Office of the Prime Minister

P&SD Circular No. 01/2020 

Further to instructions issued by the Ministry for Health (MFH), employees in government departments and entities who have visited any of the countries affected by the Corona Virus are required to remain at home for 14 days from the date that they left from the country they visited. To date, the affected countries are China (including Hong Kong), Singapore, South Korea, Iran, and Northern Italy. Whenever possible, management shall ensure that the necessary arrangements are made so that employees on quarantine leave continue working from home.

Employees who travelled to these countries are requested to present an electronic proof of travel to the respective Human Resources Director for verification. Government entities are to inform the HR Director in the respective Ministry with the details of the employee on quarantine leave. Management shall have the prerogative to conduct house visits to verify that employees who are on quarantine leave stay at home. Employees who are not found at home shall be liable to disciplinary proceedings. These instructions are also applicable to public sector entities, and shall be strictly adhered to.

Heads are requested to ensure that the contents of this Circular are brought to the attention of all public officers under their remit. Anyone travelling to these countries after 28th February shall also stay at home for 14 days from the date of return from such countries; however, they will not be eligible for quarantine leave.