One Tablet per Child: J2E Training

As part of the One Tablet Per Child initiative, the tablet supplier is providing educators and students in Years 4, 5 and 6 with the ‘J2E tools’. Once connected online, these tools are ready available in the OTPC tablets’ toolbox section.

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J2E offers an easy to use, colourful interface where users can co create their own content whilst sharing with others. One such tool is J2E5 which offers learners the facility to create interactive, multimedia digital artifacts. If offers learners the facility to search for relevant images online, thus developing their critical evaluation skills as they select the most appropriate image to enhance their digital content.

Additionally, learners can enhance their digital creations by including animations and by hyperlinking the different pages of their document. Finally, learners can publish their digital artefact online on J2Webby, thus becoming  publishers of digital content online. Consequently, it enables learners to develop competences in creativity during content creation, collaborative competences as they engage in working on joint projects and the opportunity to nurture competences in digital citizenship when they publish their work online.