Online Master Class: Old and New Media and Fake News

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Educators are invited to register for the Master class 2019: “Old and new media and fake news”.  This online master class is developed by the Council of Europe in cooperation with recognised European experts to support the participants in developing critical thinking skills and identify reliable information while navigating the digital media environment. The course offers insights into relevant aspects of information disorder, and provides guidelines on how to apply news literacy concepts in teaching context.By the end of this Master Class you will be able to:

  • define and identify the concepts of fake news, which is part of information disorder, in theory and practice;
  • analyse various media sources in order to tell what is fair and what bias is;
  • learn to apply news literacy concepts in real life; o develop and design a teaching program to meet the challenges of digital citizenship in your teaching contexts. This Master Class will commence on Monday 16th September 2019 and has to be completed by Friday 18th October 2019. The expected workload is of 5 to 6 hours/week for reading, research and tasks.

Further details and registration link: Master Class