ZfinMalta School Residency Tour: Call For Proposals

ZfinMalta is looking to offer two creative movement residencies in primary and secondary schools on the Maltese Islands in March 2023. Five classes from each school will benefit from a week-long dance intensive in which ŻfinMalta dancers will share the transformative power of dance within the school setting!

About the School Residency Tour

ZfinMalta’s education and outreach programme is developed to motivate its participants by providing tailor-made experiences for individuals from all ages and backgrounds, with or without an existing relationship with movement. ŻfinMalta aims to spread/share the belief that ​​dance is a means by which anyone can experience, explore and invest their thoughts and energy into creativity and imagination​.

Anybody can dance, everybody is unique,​ and it is important for dance to create opportunities for participants to explore all the possibilities of their value & contribution to society. For those ​who have not been exposed to dance beforehand​, ŻfinMalta provides experiences in which individuals actively engage with movement whether they are spectators or participants.

The ŻfinMalta School Residency Tour takes participants on a journey of ​self-development, self-discovery & self-learning whilst instilling curiosity and a love of learning, providing ​accessible, engaging and participatory​ creative movement workshops that lead up to a performance within the school setting itself.  This performance at the end of the week of creative sessions, provides the opportunity for participants to share the stage with ŻfinMalta company dancers in front of their peers.

Creative movement experiences are led by ŻfinMalta’s​ highly skilled, versatile and experienced company dancers​ who, under the artistic direction of Paolo Mangiola, have invested time and research into developing a toolbox which well equips them to either ​introduce participants to the world of dance.

The School Residency Tour provides an excellent, enjoyable and high quality dance experience, encouraging participants to ​approach movement with honesty, imagination and curiosity​.  Stimulating participants’ creativity, ŻfinMalta’s company dancers nurture the idea of ​ownership​, reflecting ŻfinMalta’s unique approach to the choreographic process therefore providing the adequate platform for participants to learn how to create movement.

ŻfinMalta’s Creative Movement Residency

  • Develops valuable life skills
  • Inspires creativity and personal expression
  • Develops personal and social skills
  • Promotes a positive awareness of health and fitness
  • Develops critical appreciation
  • Enhances language, numeracy and problem solving skills.
  • Helps hone expressive, performance and creative skills.
  • Promotes inclusive practice

Call out for proposals

ŻfinMalta is currently accepting proposals from schools who are interested in the below activity to take place on school premises for a week in March:

  • Monday – Thursday / Friday

Five creative movement sessions per day for 5 classes of any level (primary or secondary).  Each class will have one session per day led by two ZfinMalta company dancers. Proposed duration of sessions: 80 mins per class, per day.  The schedule for these sessions to be suggested by the interested school and is flexible according to the school timetable and available slots.

  • Friday /Saturday

One collective rehearsal of 3 hrs followed by a half hour ticketed performance for peers, parents and school colleagues.  Entrance to the performance will be charged at 5eur per person and proceeds collected by ŻfinMalta.

 ŻfinMalta is available to hold the above activities in the following weeks:

Monday 6th – Saturday 10th March 2023

Monday 13th – Saturday 18th March 2023

Application timeline and guidelines

Interested schools are to send their proposals for the above activity by 11th February 2023. Proposals are to be submitted at project.zm@zfinmalta.mt with no more than 25MB attachments. ŻfinMalta will evaluate applications, announce results and get in touch with the two chosen schools by 20th February 2023.

Proposals should include:

  • A named project manager and contact
  • The details of the applying school and the proposed participating classes including the number of participants
  • A brief description of the need for the experience
  • A proposed theme for the residency and performance
  • A proposed schedule of sessions and performances based on the above structure.
  • A proposed location for the sessions and the perfomance within the school. Details of the location and available resources (such as speakers, flooring etc) complemented by pictures and dimensions would be appreciated

Terms and Conditions

ŻfinMalta will take care of the organising and tailoring of schedules based on proposals, the leading of movement sessions, choreography and set up and ticketing for the performance. ŻfinMalta’s Education and Outreach Artist will be assigned to manage the project and liaise with the relevant schools’ assigned project managers for th dissemination of the project.

Each session’s capacity is a maximum of 25 participants and will be led by a minimum of two ŻfinMalta company dancers. During movement sessions, class teachers should be present as supervisors.