Policy on the Use of Social Media in the Public Service

The Policy on the Use of Social Media in the Public Service which was issued in terms of OPM Circular 21/2015 has been revised and may be accessed from the following link.

The aim of the policy is to provide guidance on the proper use of social media by individuals,
both for official purposes and for personal use, whilst ensuring that such communication does not degrade, degenerate or in any way jeopardize the reputation of the Public Service. The policy is applicable to Public Officers or any other Public Employee or person on a position of trust performing Public Service duties; persons forming part of Boards and/or Committees addressing Public Service exigencies, working on a full-time/part-time, temporary/back-to-back, or on an apprenticeship basis, including student workers; as well as any individual who is authorized in writing by the Permanent Secretary or Head responsible at Law, as applicable, to engage in social media for official use