PSCD Meetings for Parents and Caregivers in Primary School

Parents or caregivers have an enormous influence on a child’s healthy development and well-being, particularly during the early stages of a child’s life. It is therefore important that parents are aware of the topics and learning outcomes of PSCD so they can also engage with their children on topics of relevance and importance to the personal and social development of the children. Some of the learning outcomes of PSCD focus on sexual health issues and how to use the internet and social media platforms in a responsible, respectful, and critical way. The involvement of parents not only acknowledges the role of parents or caregivers in their children over all education and well-being but also leads to closer ties between the parents or caregivers, the school and the teacher.

As in previous years the peripatetic PSCD teachers are therefore organising parents’ meetings according to the different years. The schedule of such meetings is to be decided by the peripatetic teachers together with the SLT. This is the suggested schedule is: