Application for School Transport 2022/2023

School Transport in State Schools is organised by the Ministry for Education and Employment. The Ministry provides school transport services to State Schools in Malta and Gozo and currently organises over 660 routes daily, serving approximately 13,000 students. School transport is a free service for all eligible students attending State Schools.

When will applications for scholastic year 2022/2023 open?
Applications for Free School Transport for students attending State Schools for the coming scholastic year 2022/2023 will open from 11th May 2022 to 15th July 2022.

Who needs to apply?
All parents/legal guardians requiring the Free State School Transport service for their children for scholastic year 2022/2023 need to apply.

How do you apply?

Renewals – Parents/Legal Guardians who applied for Free School Transport for the previous scholastic year (2021/2022) will be receiving a personalised email to apply for the coming Scholastic Year 2022/2023.

First Time Applicants – Parents/Legal Guardians requiring the free school transport service for their children for the first time for scholastic year 2022/2023 can access the online application through this link. In-order to fill in the online application you will need to use your e-ID username and password.