Educational Euroscience Webinars for Educators

The Faculty of Education (UM) is working in collaboration with the Centre for Educational
Neuroscience at University College London/Birbeck and the Educational Neuroscience Hub Europe (Malta) to promote and disseminate ways in which educational neuroscience can inform classroom instruction amongst the local educators and schools. Our first initiative consists of two webinars aimed towards an understanding of educational neuroscience and its potential application to understand and improve student learning.

Date: Wednesday 11th May 2022
Time: noon to 2 pm
Registration is free using the link below:
In his talk, Prof Thomas will explain how educational neuroscience is an interdisciplinary research field that seeks to translate research findings on neural mechanisms of learning to educational practice and policy and to understand the effects of education on the brain. Neuroscience and education can interact directly, by virtue of considering the brain as a biological organ that needs to be in the optimal condition to learn (‘brain health’); or indirectly, as neuroscience shapes psychological theory and psychology influences education. He will use his talk to trace the origins of educational neuroscience, its main areas of research activity and the principal challenges it faces as a translational field.

Date: Wednesday 18th May 2022
Time: 2 pm to 4 pm
Registration is free using the link below:
In his talk, Prof Tolmie will refer to how children’s ability to understand counter-intuitive concepts in Science and Maths is often limited by their ability to inhibit either direct perceptual evidence or preexisting beliefs, impeding their learning. Using evidence from educational neuroscience, this session will examine why this is so and explore how to address these challenges, drawing out more general messages about the ways in which neuroscience can inform classroom interventions.

If you are unable to attend and would like to receive the recording of the webinars, you would still need to register using the links above.

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