Resources for Educators and Students: Teaching with Europeana

Europeana is one of European Schoolnet’s projects promoting the crucial role of cultural heritage in education. Indeed Europeana is Europe’s digital platform for cultural heritage, providing free online access to over 58 million digitised items drawn from Europe’s museums, archives, libraries and galleries.

Over the past five years, Europeana encouraged the innovative integration of digital cultural heritage in education. The material composing the Teaching with Europeana handbook is the result of teachers’ diligence, commitment and creativity in highlighting the importance of cultural heritage in their teaching. The handbook is available in 7 languages and includes the work of 7 Maltese teachers.

Link: Download Europeana Handbook

For further information about the Europeana project, kindly contact Mr Heathcliff Schembri (Europeana Teacher Ambassador) on