Digital Literacy Support Staff in Middle and Secondary Schools


The Directorate for Digital Literacy and Transversal Skills is committed to continue to support educators in using technologies and enable them to address the challenges they may face. Many educators are seeking supports about the use of Microsoft Teams, including how to create standard and private channels, how to assign homework and how to use the class notebook. Kindly note that we are providing remote support through our Support Teachers, and educators are highly encouraged to contact us for any queries related digital teaching and learning.

Please find the list of our supporting staff in Middle and Secondary Schools below:

Support Teachers

Gozo College and 6th Form Gozo – Ms Maureen Sciberras,

Maria Regina College, 6th Form Malta – Mr Andrew Mallia,

– Mikiel Anton Vassalli College – Mr Andrew Mallia,

St Clare College – Mr Joseph Micallef,

St Gorg Preca College – Mr Andre Bugeja,

St Therese College – Mr Andre Bugeja,

St Nicholas College – Mr Jason Bugeja,

St Margaret College – Mr Jason Bugeja,

St Ignatius College – Mr Mark Briffa,

St Benedict College – Ms Maureen Sciberras,

St Thomas More College – Joseph Micallef,

DDLTS Heads of Department

Gozo College, 6th Form Gozo – Mr Mario Xerri,

– Maria Regina College, 6th Form Malta, and Mikiel Anton Vassalli College
Ms Michelle Borg,

St Ignatius College and St Clare College –  Ms Graziella Brincat,

St Therese College and St Gorg Preca College – Ms Lourdes Micallef,

St Thomas More College and St Nicholas College – Mr Stefan Scerri,

– St Margaret College and St Benedict College – Mr Andrew Calleja,

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