Sport Career Development Programme (SCDP) Amended Selection Process 2020/21

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Following the submission of over 550 applications from current Year 6 students for enrolment into the Sport Career Development Programme during the next scholastic year, the postponement of the Practical Assessment on Monday 30th March and the current ongoing developments, parents and guardians are kindly requested to note the following decisions taken by the Director General, Director (Curriculum) and respective Education Officers. In view of the fact that class allocations for scholastic year 2020-21 must be completed by the end of this scholastic year, until when students will not be returning to school as announced by the Hon. Bonnici, Minister for Education and Employment, this leaves no opportunity for the Practical Assessment is held. The easiest way out would be not to offer the programme during the next scholastic year however this would certainly not be in the best interest of all students involved. Hence, in order to still give all applicants the opportunity to be part of this programme, a College Committee will be set up formed of the Head of School (or/her representative), PE teacher and Education Officers to determine the level of attainment achieved by every applicant student. For this reason, parents and guardians are welcome to forward us an electronic portfolio (e.g. including footage, Powerpoint Presentation, recommendation letters by sports coaches) via by not later than Thursday 30th April. This is purely on optional basis and is not, in any way, a failing element of the selection process.

Parents and guardians who are no longer interested in their child being part of this process, including due to possible entry in Year 7 in a Non-State School, are kindly requested to reply to by not later than Thursday 30th April. All remaining applicants will be assumed as still wishing to be part of this selection process that is estimated to be concluded by the end of May when all applicants will be notified accordingly.