Distance Learning Toolkit for Primary School Educators

Screen Shot 2020-04-23 at 10.10.53The digital literacy primary team within DDLTS has developed an Online and Distance Learning Toolkit for Primary Schools whose scope is to give ideas and guidelines for primary schools and teachers. It includes an overview of great practices and creative ideas that, through the use of technology, are being held by the Maltese educator community during this period. This can be found by browsing to https://bit.ly/maltatoolkit.Moreover, if you are new to an educational app, browse to the tutorials page being continuously developed by our digital literacy primary team. This gives insight to various tools that are ready available for Maltese educators. Browse to #TeachingIdeas prepared by the digital literacy primary team for educators. Here we give daily ideas on activities that may be used by teachers with their students. Register for Webinar sessions being organised for Maltese Primary educators where we seek to help local educators harness the potential of technology for distance & online learning. SLT and teachers at your school requiring our support can contact the respective HoD or support teacher or log their call in the online form.