Webinar – Microsoft Teams for School Leaders and Educators

Screen Shot 2020-04-22 at 10.29.31The Directorate for Digital Literacy and Transversal Skills is organising a webinar for all School Leaders, including Heads of Colleges Network, Heads of Schools and Assistant Heads. Education Officers, Heads of Department. Teachers and Learning Support Educators who would like to attend are also welcome. The focus of this webinar is to learn how to organise the school communication channel on Microsoft Teams to enhance communication between SLT and teachers, teachers and LSEs with students as well as communication with parents. We will learn also how teaching and learning can become more efficient and engaging on Microsoft Teams. Innovative tips will be given about online pedagogy, sharing of good practices and training. Please join us for this webinar next Wednesday 29th April 9:00am – 11:00am from this link. Register your attendance for this webinar on https://bit.ly/teams4leaders For more information about other webinars, resources and digital tools please visit https://digitalliteracy.skola.edu.mt/