SELFIE – Register your School!


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Reference to Letter Circular DDLTS 11/2019 – Take a SELFIE, all schools (including schools that did not reply to the referred Letter Circular) are now being encouraged to register and to actively participate in SELFIE. How can we register to SELFIE ?

A member of the SMT, teacher or another staff member is to register your school. Your school may seek help from the Digital Literacy Support Teacher (DLST) to register, however, it is the school that must own SELFIE and have access to the feedback data generated by the tool. DLSTs will support the school, however they shall not act as the SELFIE school coordinator nor to register their credentials on behalf of the school in the SELFIE portal – it is for the participating school to see that the correct school data requested at the registration phase is provided and entered as required.

SELFIE School Coordinator

Individual students or teachers should not sign up as they cannot use SELFIE in an individual capacity. Prior registering your school to participate in SELFIE it is advisable that the school coordinator delegated to carry out this task is to first download the SELFIE Guide for School Coordinators to get to know the requirements and an understanding of SELFIE. The SELFIE Guide for school coordinators may be downloaded from: To register your school to participate in SELFIE please click the following link: If your school had registered and participated in SELFIE in the past, then your school need only to login to initiate SELFIE: It is important to note that registered schools that in the past had participated in SELFIE but had not used the official school email address are kindly being requested to make a fresh new registration. Schools are to make sure that they are using only their official email address when registering or logging-in in SELFIE.