Annual Deployment Excercise – Call for Applications 2019

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The Education Resources Directorate, Department for Education Services, is inviting applications from Educators and Technical Grades who wish to be considered:

i. for deployment elsewhere;

ii. to exit from a service they are currently serving in through an internal call and revert to normal class duties.

The Management is aware that when schools’ staff is stable from year to year and healthy relationships are nurtured among the Senior Management Teams and their staff, the school, staff and students benefit extremely and this is reflected both in the staff and students’ wellbeing and in the students’ academic achievement. Therefore, it is not sustainable that around 18% of the total workforce is re-deployed every scholastic year. Notwithstanding that the deployment exercise is a highly complex mechanism, the Education Resources Directorate will continue to address the sensitive requests due to family constraints, redundancy or other serious reasons and the exigencies of the service by keeping seniority as its main criteria.

  1. Head of School can apply for deployment elsewhere indicating the school/s where they wish to be deployed.
  2. Assistant Head of School can apply within the cycle they were appointed for.
  3. Head of Department can apply for secondary schools catering for students of compulsory school age.
  4. Teacher/Supply Teacher (Indefinite Status) can apply for the cycle/subject/s for which they hold a pass in the interview and/or for which they have been appointed. In the case for deployment to Giovanni Curmi Higher Secondary, Naxxar and/or Sir MA Refalo Sixth Form, Victoria (Gozo) preference will be given to applicants holding qualifications at MQF Level 7 or higher in the subject/s applying for. In the case for deployment to MAVC Malta School of Music (MSM), a qualification at Level 6 or higher with a specialisation in the subject/s applied for is a must.
  5. Peripatetic Teacher Malta (Art, Complementary Education, Music, PE, PSCD) and Support Teacher Malta (Science & Technology) can apply for a College in Malta.
  6. Kindergarten Educators and Learning Support Educators (including Supply LSE) can apply for deployment elsewhere indicating the school/s where they wish to be deployed.
  7. Supply Teachers and Supply KGE (on a definite contract) may also apply even if they would like to remain in their current posting. Their application will only be considered if and when it is confirmed that the contract is renewed.
  8. Technical Officers can apply for a College in Malta.
  9. Technicians, Senior Technicians and Assistant Technical Officers can apply to serve in a Middle/Secondary/Post-Secondary School.
  10. Educators presently deployed at MRC, St Paul’s Primary School (excluding those with a temporary deployment) who request to be deployed to the New Primary School at Qawra will be given priority.

Information about projected school populations, opening and closing hours, as well as schools offering VET, Applied Subjects and Ethics can be accessed here:  Annexes

All those who have already written to express their wish for deployment elsewhere are also requested to apply. Only applications submitted through the following link by not later than 16.00hrs of Tuesday 30th April 2019 will be processed: This link shall be automatically disabled at 16:00hrs of Tuesday 30th April 2019 which time and date are to be considered the deadline for submitting/amending/cancelling an application. All applications will be automatically acknowledged as soon as submitted.

Applicants are to immediately contact the Education Resources Department, Natasha Camilleri ( – 2598 2451) in case of queries or if they fail to receive an acknowledgement on their iLearn email account. Applicants who by the closing date wish to cancel their application are to resubmit a fresh application choosing the option Application Cancelled from the drop down of list of schools. For applicants submitting more than one application by the above deadline, only the most recent application will be considered valid.

The ER Department will inform: • the respective line managers of the application for deployment elsewhere; • all applicants about the outcome of their application for deployment elsewhere through their email address